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The description of 太古異聞錄 (by JRGame)

The prehistoric world is full of ethnic groups.
At the beginning of the world, the earth and the earth were divided, and the avenues of yin and yang were to be seized.
All spirits are fighting against each other, but I am the only one who is in the sky.
This is a different prehistoric legend, the world is facing the frontline, and the birth of a hundred tribes has caused bloody winds. See how the son of Nuwa, Shaodian, strategizes and fights against the sky.

What is the core fun of MMO? Is it a team-based challenge? Is it fun? Xiao Qingluan believes that when we are old, we can remember the treasures, memories, and friends we had in the Taikoo world, chatting and fart watching fights. These are the reasons why we love MMO. This is something that the Taikoo Yiwen Lu will definitely stick to. content.

Based on the classics of mountains and seas, it combines elements of ancient scenery, legends, rare animals, and mythological characters to create an immersive MMORPG world.

Experience the prehistoric world in depth
The world view is constructed from the ancient mythology, the painting style is fresh and beautiful, and the scene buildings are all designed based on classic poems. Violent and slaughter ancestor witches, demons and gods who rule the Three Realms, and endless human races are fighting each other here endlessly.


Non-linear plot design
Trigger side and adventure missions, shape the character and ability of the protagonist, guide a variety of stories and endings according to different scenarios and choices, and experience unique ancient myths.

Combination to create a fighting method
You can choose from four major occupations and eight kinds of positioning. You can also obtain special moves through props, digging treasures, and adventure missions. Customize your skills and combos to create a prehistoric God of War.


Changshuang battle is on the verge of
Shao Si Ming can defeat his opponents through striking combos and routines, deeply experience the depth of strategy, truly feel the thrill of free-form competition, and enjoy the competitive experience!

Rich and varied gameplay
The fighting mechanism of the dungeon Boss is different, and the battlefield with 8 players is fierce. Each perform its duties in a unified battle, so that you can survive in a hundred battles. It not only has the pleasure of opening up a wasteland and challenges, but also obtains rare orange outfits to enhance the team’s combat power in all directions.


Zongmen social double repair and make friends
Solving puzzles, nurturing, and sect battles are all available. You can also get along with your friends and learn art from a teacher. Those who join you can sit down and do double cultivation, improve your cultivation, and have a rich variety of social content.

Various personality pinch your face
Super many adjustable parts support all-round, customize every detail of the character’s face, thousands of people!


Enjoy the colorful appearance
Hundreds of exquisite appearances are waiting to be selected by the young man. A variety of styles match the good mood every day. The real and delicate materials and dynamic performance show the beauty of the country’s charm and costumes in every gesture.

Hundreds of different animals evolve freely
Conquer alien beasts and partners to drive battles, follow loyalty all the way, and upgrade monsters to change forms. From the little flying dragon standing on the shoulders to the wild behemoths spreading their wings and covering the sky, a variety of evolutionary routes can be chosen at will.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW


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