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Sword Master – Returns

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sword Master – Returns (by 플레이파이 스튜디오)

Sword Master – Returns!!

With the resurrection of the demon lord, countless monsters have been summoned to answer his call.

Embark on a journey to become the ultimate warrior and find the strongest weapon needed to seal away the demon lord once again.

Game Features
– Various weapons, monsters, and stages
– Item enhancement, fusion, socketing, upgrading, and identification
– Character skills, rage, enhancement, skins, and attributes
– Various quests and achievements

Sword Master - Returns

Elemental Item Descriptions
– Attacks of the same element are less effective.
– Fire: Strong against electricity, weak against ice.
– Ice: Strong against fire, weak against electricity.
– Lightning: Strong against ice, weak against fire.
– Darkness: Neutralizes fire, ice, and lightning.
– Holy: Recovers light from darkness.
– Poison: Inflicts damage over time on critical hits.

Sword Master - Returns

Game Tips
– Enhance and fuse unnecessary items to increase your stats.
– Equip gear according to your opponent’s elemental attributes.
– Use your skills wisely based on the turn.

Sword Master - Returns

This game is a standalone game. Please use the data backup/restore function within the options if you reset your device or delete the game.

Sword Master - Returns

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