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The Walking Hero

Early access(Global BETA) + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of The Walking Hero (by Impossible Apps)

Create your own hero, battle against fierce monsters and conquer your way up the ultimate glory!

You start as an apprentice and you can choose among five different jobs: WarriorMageArcherThief and Acolyte!

The Walking Hero

– customize your character (skin color, hair, eyes, mouth, etc)
– missions (main quests, monter hunting and daily tasks)
– catalog (monsters, maps, scrolls and cards)
– inventory (consumables, equipments, loot and cards)
– special monster buff cards
– open world map
– leaderboards

The Walking Hero

– mini bosses
– master bosses
– party/group system
– refine/enchant/upgrade equipment
– PvP battles
– Guild battles

The Walking Hero

– Warrior: a tank character that uses a sword and a shield freely. It is an easy choice for beginners
– Mage: a magical character that uses skills as its main source of damage
– Archer: a ranged character that has low health but a very high damage
– Thief: a melee character that has high damage and a high flee rate
– Acolyte: a support character that has both magical and physical capabilities

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The Walking Hero
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