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Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Official Launch

💡 Platform – Steam

The description of Thyria: Step Into Dreams (by Twokats)

Thyria: Journey Through Dreams takes you back to the very beginning of the story of the turn-based RPG Thyria. Summon and train a team of Guardians to face a dark fantasy-inspired nightmare monster: explore the world in isometric 2D graphics, manipulate time and engage in turn-based combat!

Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Summon and train a team of Guardians who will accompany Tyria in the dreams of the cursed inhabitants to complete various tasks that differ depending on the dream. During exploration, you will be able to collect Soul Dust and Relics, which will be useful to you to receive the maximum reward at the end of the dream. This in turn will increase your chance of obtaining Soul Stones, which are needed to merge and unlock a new Guardian! Each of them has their own unique set of spells based on the stones that were used during the fusion. You can also customize your Guardians’ spells. You will have to carefully consider your strategy and be persistent in order to defeat the nightmares lurking in the darkest corners of dreams.

Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Study. Guide Tyria across a procedurally generated 2D isometric map filled with varied landscapes. Various locations contain both bonuses and gifts…and traps with battles! Manage the relics you collect, which can either increase or decrease rewards at the end of quests. Fight against living nightmares using Tyria’s arsenal, which will expand as the story progresses. Always keep an eye on the time to best manage the day/night cycles, as monster visibility and behavior make a huge difference!

Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Battles. Challenge the dream demons using your Guardians. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, and use strategy to defeat the most powerful monsters. Managing time, resources and individual skills is the key to success!

Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Laboratory. Learn the art of merging Soul Stones and summon new Guardians! Each adventure will be different depending on the composition of your team, and each battle can be played out differently. Customize each Guardian individually: choose and combine the most suitable spell combinations. Combinations greatly increase the effectiveness of spells, but also their cost… You just need to find the right balance.

7 Soul Stones, 28 (planned) Guardians available to unlock, including Pyromancer, Charlatan, Typhia…

Unique guards, with their own characteristics and specific skills.

Classic animated graphic style with hand-drawn designs using pen effect.

Each stone contains an average of 14 spells and skills, which gives a total of up to 28 skills available to each Guardian.

Compatible spells for more possible combinations.

Procedurally generated 2D maps in an isometric style, depending on the tasks and complexity of the dream.

A bestiary full of demonic and nightmarish creatures that become stronger with each encounter.

A heroine with an unshakable will and insatiable ambitions!

Thyria: Step Into Dreams
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