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Van Mong Tam Quoc (VN)

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The description of Van Mong Tam Quoc

Van Mong Tam Quoc – a new generation 3Q strategy game with Onmyooji style. The game with balance coming from all the typical features of the Three Kingdoms.

The game uses the “joint attack” fighting mechanism, requiring players to quickly manipulate skills to connect the skills of the generals through effects, during the same attack. The more the chain, the higher the damage.

Van Mong Tam Quoc

Attractive visual effects, eye-catching, up to 12 times of coalition, attack and destroy the enemy in just 1 turn. win. With a diverse number of generals, optional skill Wrath, flexibility in team building, dignity explodes to destroy the enemy team.

Van Mong Tam Quoc

Give Vip, give gifts, give gifts to generals … From the very beginning, Van Mong 3Q will give each newcomer the most valuable gift packages as a luggage to start the discovery process. With the uncountable number of gifts, all players have the same starting point, the race to win the top of the chart will be really fierce and intense.

Van Mong Tam Quoc


  1. Onmyooji style standard graphics
  2. Joint attack on the general attack, 6 smashing 1 is also lame
  3. Pioneering war cavalry – Battle close to the enemy
  4. Plowing up to max vip – turning dignity to receive red generals
  5. Determining dignity, resistance to fate. Better number than rich dad

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