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The description of Venge (by bugroup LLC)

Venge currently has 4 different playable game modes.

Sierra is the first map released for Venge. Inspired by ancient Egyptian sandstone settlements, the blocks of the building feature yellow textures and red lines. It currently supports the King of the Hill game mode.

There are two main areas to fight, sub-roads connect these areas. One of the main areas is the central square. It is surrounded by three strategic terraces, each overlooking a specific part of the main area.

The other main playable area is the “Market Square”. Connecting to the central square via two different routes, each of the routes can cause serious conflicts as they can be easily defended against strategic areas of the Sierra.

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Tundra is an icy and cold map covered with snow. It’s snowing non-stop all over the map. It currently only supports the Gun Game mode, where players try to advance through the weapon rankings. The first player to kill another player while on top wins.

The Tundra has three main squares and a cave system to navigate between them. Clashes often occur on the terraces, as they are among the main playable areas. The “Dock” is one of the main areas and connects to both the “Cave System”, the “Hall of Fame building” and towards Market Square.


Mistle is a team-based objective map. It currently only supports the “Payload” game mode. Each team has a spawn area in the opposite corner of the map. Between the map’s two castle-like structures is a large open area where the freight wagon spawns. In the middle of the area, a narrow river divides the map into two parts.


The “Snake Temple” is Team A’s spawn area. It is a divine temple complex for the Serpent God himself. It is connected to the main area by a tunnel and an inclined side road.

The “Rook” is Team B’s spawn area. It opens into the main area via a building gateway and has balconies on the sides to defend it.


The temple is the domain of a dark god who designed it to collect cursed coins. It currently only supports the “Black Coin” game mode, in which players collect cursed coins from the corpses of fallen players and attempt to deliver them to the altar where the dark god resides.

There are 3 main corridors on the map leading away from the main altar area. Between them, a path leads to the top of the altar temple. The rest goes to the front and side of the map.

Sandstorm Raid
Sandstorm Blitz is Venge’s first weapon-specific map. The only weapon available to play in this deserted canyon is the sniper. It currently supports the “Deathmatch” game mode, where everyone fights for themselves.

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