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Dragon Knights

Official Launch – SEA – Android + APK | Code

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dragon Knights (by NoctuaLabs)

Dragon Knights, an innovative Free to Play 3D IDLE and Strategy RPG Mobile Game by Noctua Labs, welcomes you to an epic Adventure in Tyrenia, a Fantasy realm alive with Dragons and Magic. Over centuries, humans and elves coexisted peacefully until the Dragon Kings disrupted everything. Lead your Dragon Knights legion to confront the Dragon Kings and restore peace to Tyrenia!

One-of-a-Kind Combination of IDLE x Strategy x RPG
Indulge in a refreshing break with Dragon Knights, a Free to Play Mobile Game designed to entertain. This Strategy RPG offers a magical adventure with auto-win features, perfectly suited for your busy schedule and experiencing a Magic Adventure!

Dragon Knights

Build the Invincible Legion
Tyrenia faces peril from the Dragon’s disaster, and you won’t face it alone! Assemble a formidable team of Dragon Knights to conquer the mighty Dragon King. Summon the finest knights, build your Dragon Knights legion, and embark on a Magical Fantasy Adventure. Leverage your Strategy RPG skills to defeat the Dragon and restore life to Tyrenia’s world.

Dragon Knights

Massive Guild Wars 100 x 100
Distinguished from typical Strategy RPG Mobile Games, Dragon Knights enhances your Adventure with guild-versus-guild wars! Team up with friends, rally your Dragon Knights, conquer guild bosses, and experience the Fantasy Adventure of reigning atop the leaderboard!

Dragon Knights

Experience the Magic of 3D Graphics
Embark on a mesmerizing Fantasy Adventure and dive into the enchanting realm of battles with stunning 3D graphics and animations. Immerse yourself in the visually captivating Strategy RPG Mobile Game, offering a delightful companion for your leisure. Witness the enhancement of Fantasy as you partake in epic quests brimming with Adventure and Magic!

Dragon Knights

Defeat Dragon King Adventure
Guide and lead your Dragon Knights as they face off against the Dragon Kings, endeavoring to rescue the world of Tyrenia from the disasters wrought by the mighty Dragons. Immerse yourself in a Magic Fantasy Adventure Mobile Game, show off your Strategy RPG skill in commanding a group of Dragon Knights at your fingertips.

Join us in our vibrant Free to Play Strategy RPG Mobile Game community, where we’d also love to learn more from you on how we can make Dragon Knights great for you!

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Dragon Knights

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