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Void Soul

Official Launch Global – EN+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 보이드 소울 Void Soul (by OWLOGUE Co., Ltd.)

“Alright, we’re going to rush to our target destination.”

Endless revenge and twisted longing for family
Steampunk fantasy of two emotions burning like fuse till the end
begins now!

The story of empire reigning over the desert continent
and revel train confronting the empire

Spin-off story of Mandrake Boys, Chief Commander and Empire Seeds
Fusion Steampunk Style Novel Adventure Game Void Soul

Void Soul

Charming characters and stories such as Chief Commander of rebel train or Emperor longing for revenge
– Story full of love and revenge, laughter and touching, solemnness and madness!

Void Soul

Dot graphic adventure exploring fortress in desert, train, palace and more
– Manipulate character to explore various fields by yourself!

Luxurious voice actors, and you’re liking standing images & illustrations
– Play, delighting your eyes and ears! Enjoy the crucial moment for 200%!

Void Soul

Battle that has various puzzles & simple but suspenseful
– Be the one with character and get over the odds!

Void Soul

Character introduction
The head of rebels confronting the empire and chief commander of infinite-energy train Tesla
Leads rebels only to revenge the empire that destroyed hometown

Captain of Tesla’s rebels
He is an ace with the best combat capability but deeply rely on to Tesla mentally

Army Surgeon of Tesla’s rebels
Mysterious mad doctor. He had a crush on Tesla’s eyes at first sight.

Emperor who does everything, whatever it takes to achieve goal
He seems to be obsessed with Tesla

보이드 소울 Void Soul
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