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Warau Ars Notoria

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Warau Ars Notoria (咲う アルスノトリア) by GOOD SMILE

“You”, who lost most of their memories, arrived at a secret school that no one could see.
There, girls calling themselves “Pentagram” were learning happily together to become “true ladies”.
Given the place of “teacher”, “you” will spend busy days while being swayed by girls around the age.

But the paradise-like glitz was just the prelude to a fierce battle with the upcoming men called “knights.”

Game overview
Her blooming Arsnotria (Arsno) consists of an “adventure part” that advances the story, a “battle part” that commands and fights the pentagrams, and a “cultivation part” that lets the pentagrams acquire skills and characteristics. It is an RPG.

・ Real-time battle full of strategy
An exhilarating real-time battle optimized for smartphones!
Let’s win the battle using “secret art” and “sigil (equipment)” with simple tap and drag operation!

咲う アルスノトリア(アルスノ)

・ Activate “cooperation (links)” with friends by connecting arcane techniques
During the battle, if you connect two or more pentagram secrets, “Collaboration (Links)” will be activated!
Let’s activate the cooperation (Lynx) and advance the battle to your advantage!

咲う アルスノトリア(アルスノ)

・ Multiplayer for up to 4 players at the same time
In cooperative battles (multiplayer mode), everyone can get along and enjoy the real thrill of real time!
Collaborate with your friends and players from all over the country to defeat the powerful enemies!

咲う アルスノトリア(アルスノ)

・ Highly flexible training system
Pentagrams can acquire skills and characteristics by equipping items called “Sigil”!
Explore your favorite battle style from a variety of skills and characteristics!

咲う アルスノトリア(アルスノ)
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