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Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android |iOS

The description of Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy (by RAY Games)

Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy

Are you prepared for an unforgettable journey? Strap on your spurs, load your revolvers, and get ready to explore the untamed western frontier! Take on the role of a fearless gunslinger, roaming the vast Open World of the wild west. From desolate towns to lively saloons, experience the thrilling life of a true Cowboy.

Endless Open World Exploration

Embark on a grand adventure through the dusty trails of the west. Roam freely across vast Western landscapes, encounter hostile gangs, and prove your skills in exhilarating duels. The red cliffs and beautiful villages await your discovery.

Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy

Become the Ultimate Gunslinger

Hone your shooting skills with an array of revolver and colt guns. Master the art of precision shooting as you engage in heart-pounding fist fights and thrilling knife battles. Level up your character and acquire unique dollar rewards to become the most feared gunslinger in the wild west.

Ride the Rugged Terrain

Mount your trusty Horse and gallop across the untamed lands. Engage in epic horse riding battles and chase down Bandits on horseback. Your loyal steed will be your ally as you navigate treacherous Bridges and overcome daunting obstacles.

Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy

Embrace the Bold Spirit of the West

Choose your style and dress like a fearless cowboy. Select from a diverse range of rugged outfits and protective armors, and make a lasting impression among other players with your distinctive appearance.

Assemble a Wild West Clan

Team up with fellow players to form a strong clan. Lead your clan to victory in fierce battles and rise to the top of the western ranks. Conquer castles, defeat rival gangs, and gather valuable resources for your clan.

Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy

Seek Treasures and Bounties

Go on thrilling treasure hunts across the western landscape and collect valuable gold coins and silver coins. Prove yourself as a skilled bounty hunter and earn rare rewards for capturing dangerous outlaws.

Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy

More Exciting Features

Experience Realistic Graphics and 3D Open World that transport you to the heart of the wild west. Immerse yourself in a glamorous atmosphere filled with the spirit of the frontier. Engage in flowing missions that unfold as part of an immersive western story.

Ready to embark on this thrilling western journey? Download the game now and get lost in the Westy Wild: Dolarado Cowboy. Your destiny as a true gunslinger awaits!

Are you RDR Fan?
Yes, is the game for you. It’s like the mobile version of Red Dead Redemption.

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