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Whalsea Legends

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Whalsea Legends (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

[Whalsea Legends] is a unique multiplayer online real-time oceanic strategy game. In this enchanting ocean world, you begin by commanding a small whale and progress to become a formidable ruler of the ocean. Construct and upgrade your city, train and upgrade Heroes, engage in multiplayer battles, capture ocean resources, forge alliances with fellow players, unite against monster invasions, and ultimately compete in the 5v5v5 battles to become the undisputed ruler of the ocean!

Game Features
Compete with Other Players in a Global Arena
Engage in thrilling battles with players from around the world. Utilize a combination of might and strategy to conquer all foes and become the ultimate ruler of the seas!

Unique Gameplay
Start with a small whale and steadily feast on smaller fish until it grows large enough to support an entire city. Build your city on the whale’s back, upgrade its facilities, and nurture powerful Heroes to confront upcoming challenges.

Whalsea Legends

3D Ocean World
The game is presented in full 3D, vividly depicting details ranging from deep-sea corals to whales surfacing on the ocean’s expanse. The game meticulously reproduces the ocean’s waves and storms, providing players with a visual feast.

Whalsea Legends

Hero Upgrade and Development
The Heroes in the game each possess distinct features such as unique skills and upgrade paths. Players can enhance the abilities of their Heroes through battles and exploration, making them indispensable companions in battles.

Whalsea Legends

Defend Against Monster Invasions
The ocean is filled with unknown dangers. Players need to strategically deploy defenses on the whale’s head to repel invading monsters from the deep sea and safeguard their city and residents.

Whalsea Legends

Explore and Salvage Resources
Explore ruins in the depths of the ocean, salvage precious resources that are crucial for Hero upgrades and city development. Acquiring and utilization of resources are key to success.

Whalsea Legends

Intense 5v5v5 Confrontations
The most exciting aspect of the game is the unpredictable 5v5v5 battlefield. Players will compete with two other teams to fight for resources in the middle. Only those with both wit and strength will seize victory!

Available: Google Play – US

Whalsea Legends

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