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Wonder Island

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The description of Wonder Island (by OCGame)

Adventure in this highly-anticipated reality show game and win millions
Paradise or hell, all is up to your choice

Wonder Island is a reality show-themed simulation game where all exciting adventures happened in an idyllic island located in the middle of nowhere. This game lets players to take a captain role and team up with handsome and beauties to challenge against opponents in various competition shows. In this island, everyone comes with unknown stories and mysterious missions. As the leader, captains have to gain the trust of their team members and unravel the hidden forces of their opponents to win the final big fortune and rewards. Get yourself immersed in this paradise or hell-like island and make right decision in all life or death challenges along this whole wonderful journey.
An unprecedented island survival game, experience the differences!

Game features:
Island survival show
Players of this game have to overcome all hidden hazards with their special skills and harness all resources available in wild to maintain basic survival under harsh environment conditions. Game obstacles and challenges designed by reality show holders also need to be conquered by players to earn votes and support from show audiences to collect resources, get special privileges and upgrade their team facilities.

Wonder Island

Build the strongest team
Work together with a diverse cast of characters with their own unique abilities, skills, personalities and stories to form a powerful team. Level up team members and camps with all available resources and energy earned to improve whole team forces and conquer all provocative opponents and enemies.

Wonder Island

Enjoy romantic encounters
Love affairs happen all the time on this island! Players can develop relationships with their favorite characters and enjoy romantic moments. Imagining when bathing together with beauties or handsome around beautiful island beaches. Make right choice as the love story goes and be the master of your destiny

Wonder Island

Explore an open landscape with artistic style
The views on this island is breathtaking. Soft breeze, idyllic beaches, exotic tropical plants, cheerful music and beautiful people around all composed a relaxing and peaceful paradise that delivers you a truly immersive visual experience.

Wonder Island

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