Bastion Stars – Tower Defense

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Bastion Stars – Tower Defense (by Bastionstars)

Bastion Stars TD is an engaging mix of Tower Defense with a collectible card game. Immerse into a vibrant anime-like fantasy world and take a role of a commander to defend the sacred island from malicious hordes of enemies and learn its ancient magical secrets.

Compelling Gameplay and Progression
Experience accessible yet tactically rich tower defense gameplay. Wisely choose what towers and against what enemies would be better to set. Develop your commander and complete quests.
– 40+ enemy types with a huge set of different combat perks and bonuses
– 9 unique map biomes From frozen tundra’s to underground settlements
– 20+ talents for your commander Unlock powerful permanent bonuses that help you in battle in different ways
– 40+ types of quests (daily and global) to complete

Bastion Stars - Tower Defense

Card Collecting and Deck-building
Collect different richly illustrated cards that represent towers and spells. Combine them into powerful decks suiting various tactics and opponents. Upgrade favorite cards to create ultimate combinations.
– More than 30 different towers cards with various roles and abilities
– 10+ spells cards to provide even more combat power

Bastion Stars - Tower Defense

A Full-scale Story Campaign
– More than 40 narrative-rich story missions that tell a detailed story of a mystical island you were chosen to defend
– 10 unique boss stages to challenge your tactical skills

Bastion Stars - Tower Defense

Additional Game Modes
– More than 6 additional game modes to choose from. Play a quick Blitz match, clash with other players in Arena, try yourself against different bosses in Ordeal and more!
– Endless randomly generated side missions of three levels of difficulty

Available: Google Play – Canada

Bastion Stars - Tower Defense

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