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Bird Wings: Let’s Swing

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 小鳥之翼:揮桿吧!高球少女!(by FINGER INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED)

Bandai Namco Pictures authorized the popular women’s golf animation “Bird’s Wings” mobile game debut!
Become Eve and Aoi, change into gorgeous clothes, and swing in “Bird Wings: Let’s Swing!” Golf girl! Hit the perfect shot!

Story Background
swing it! Golf girl! A peak duel of rising golf stars is about to kick off!
“Rainbow Bullet” Eve, a girl who was born in the slums of Nafres, earns her living by playing underground golf, is good at piercing opponents with instant straight balls.
The “innocent tyrant” Aoi, the daughter of the Aquila Group, inherits the blood of her parents’ famous golf family, and always crushes opponents with her innocent smile and strength beyond her age.
A chance meeting and a perfect shot bring together two golf geniuses from different worlds, and the wheel of fortune begins to turn!


Game Introduction
Authorized by Bandai Namco Films, the voice actors of the original two protagonists will give their voices in a luxurious way
The popular Japanese girl golf animation “Bird’s Wings” is completely gamified! Relive the legendary duel on the golf course!


Variety of clothes to create your own style
Create your own fashion style and show off on the court!
In addition to the costumes that appeared in the original work, there are many original golf clothing and equipment.

Instant matching, real-time online duels with players from all over the world
Show your strength and compete with top players from all over the world!
Versus mode, event competition, and wonderful golf life are waiting for you to challenge!


Simple operation, easy to hit a perfect shot
Easy to operate, you can experience the golf game with one hand anytime, anywhere.
Aim for the target and master the timing of your shots! Hit the perfect shot!

Show unique skills and compete on the blue sky and green grass
You can also use the nirvana “Rainbow Bullet” to penetrate the opponent!
Match skills, use strategy to outsmart opponents, and monopolize the victory on the field!


The original work is reproduced, revisiting the touch of the classic plot
In the story mode, personally operate the character to experience the animation famous scene again.
Character exclusive new stories, waiting for you to discover!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

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