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Clash Of Plants 2

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Clash Of Plants 2 (by GuruBox Studio)

The earth’s environment has been destroyed, and the ecosystem has undergone tremendous changes due to environmental impacts. The terrestrial forests destroyed by us uttered great dissatisfaction, and the offspring of seeds mutated and attacked the areas where humans survived. The power of plants after mutation is unstoppable, swallowing everything wantonly, and superheroes are born, collecting seeds of hope to restore the ecology and prevent the spread of disasters.

The hero needs to collect the plant seeds of hope from each level. A series of mutant plants crazily block on the way, and the heroes can pass the level after collecting the seeds in the level. Note that the mutated plants of the hero will move in the same direction and attack the hero. The traps in the level will also cause damage to the hero.

–Finger control the direction of the hero’s movement, plan the route of collecting hope seeds and the direction of the plants that fight mutations.

Clash Of Plants 2

–There are many mutant plants, each of which has different characteristics, different attack methods, and different routes of travel. Be careful to avoid them.

–A lot of heroes can be dispatched. Hero skills are powerful and practical. Use your skills well to destroy mutant plants to give you a full sense of security.

Clash Of Plants 2

–The small props in the treasure chest are the key. Each treasure chest in the level can bring you different skills. Collect all the treasure chests.

–Be careful to avoid traps in the level. Some traps can cause damage to heroes or eat seeds of hope and treasure chests. Pay attention to protect heroes, treasure chests and seeds of hope.

Clash Of Plants 2

–All-weather, all-terrain scenes are super substituted, and you can feel the visual experience brought by each scene change

–Easy and casual online, no time limit, you can play whenever you want, a must for relaxation and pleasure.

Clash Of Plants 2

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