Dawn: Hope

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dawn: Hope (by NGT Games)

The demon laughed when the scarlet light shone on the rancid blood river. The whole world was suspended on a spider’s thread overnight…
This adventure is full of dangers and the brave have already prepared their swords to attack the demon!

Dawn: Hope
Dawn: Hope
Dawn: Hope

1. Roguelike gameplay. Cards are randomly refreshed in the battle. It takes you a bit of luck to succeed.
2. Mild strategy card battle. Choose cards properly to find the optimal solution. Kill monsters quickly.
3. Unique characters. Multiple characters with different styles carry exclusive skills. Always one who can deal with difficulties.
4. Mild RPG development. Participate in battles for growth. Add character attribute points freely to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses.
5. Dark style. The demon of the Seven Deadly Sins and their minions are about to move. Be careful not to be bewitched by the demon.

Dawn: Hope

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