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Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)

Official Launch – PH, TH

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (by Pixel Spirits)

Dragon Age-Pals Adventure is now available!
The journey of hunting and adventure is about to begin!  

Three huge gifts for players
1. Very strong fire sacred beast SSR tyrannosaurus can be received on the login!
2. Epic level combat artifact “hunting bone blade” can be received on the line!
3. 200 golden eggs for players, randomly draw their pet!  
Through to the Eden mainland, step into the primitive forest, tyrannosaurus rex, saber-toothed tiger, mammoth…… and the primitive residents to capture a very powerful pet, come together to open the prehistoric ten thousand years of hunting adventure!  

Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)
Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)

Featured Gameplay:
The Craziest Prehistoric Beast Showdown
Ultimate Evolution Wipe All Out with Powerful Strategies

Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)
Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)

Tribe Contest Beast War is Breaking Out

Pet Rally Holy Beasts of All Factions Descend

Hunt Behemoth Arrange Formation and Strike Out

Free 200 Draws Log in to Enjoy Tons of Benefits

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Servers – PH, TH 👇

Dragon Age-Pals Adventure (Primon Legion)

Official Launch – Global 👇

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