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Dungeon of Devil. RPG – RU

Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of Dungeon of Devil. RPG (by DreamCraft Studio)

Dungeon of Devil is a free offline fantasy RPG game in the Dungeon genre that will immerse you in the atmosphere of an old-school RPG. If you love RPGs like these, feel free to join the action-packed battles with monsters and skeletons!

Choose your character – a knight, a sorceress or a mechanic.
Each of them has a unique ability that is revealed only in the course of pumping the hero.

Dungeon of Devil. RPG

Knight – with his sword, he creates a powerful whirlwind that damages everything that he touches
Wizard – summons the spirit of fire to your allies
Mechanic – builds towers with guns, hitting enemies at a distance

Dungeon of Devil. RPG

Choose a location and repel the attacks of evil spirits.
Clear the skeletons of the Eternal Temple, then travel to the ruins of Orenctur Castle, where the followers of the Dark Order prepare to free the ancient demon.

Dungeon of Devil. RPG

After each RPG battle, do not forget to pump the hero’s skills:




Attack speed

As soon as you perfect one skill, a new ability will unlock, which will allow you to win the most difficult RPG battles.

Dungeon of Devil. RPG

What is special about the offline RPG Dungeon of Devil game?
After full pumping, the character gains 3 abilities that can be used, and one that is used without user participation.

Surviving a dungeon can only seem simple at the start of a battle. With each next wave, the demons become stronger, and their numbers grow! Remember to waste energy and do not waste it.

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