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Final Squad

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Final Squad (by YEMA GAMES)

In 21XX, due to global warming, most of the North Pole melted, and unknown microorganisms spread around the world.
One of the microorganisms spread a highly contagious virus, causing a fatal disease in humans.
This disease erased people’s reason and turned them like zombies…

Final Squad
Final Squad

You must find survivors with special weapons to form your team, search for hidden supplies and artifacts, and survive to the end.
Create a team of 5 people and complete your own final squad!
Your chances of survival increase depending on the combination of the five weapons!

Final Squad
Final Squad

Create the strongest final squad,
Fire a barrage of bullets at all the zombies on the screen!

Available: Google Play – South Korea

Final Squad

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