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HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City (by Z5_Games)]

“Meta Toy City” is a world where humans and toys live together with various magical properties.

The peaceful toys of Meta Toy City became corrupted by evil magic and started attacking humans. In response, humans studied magic to gain the power to resist the evil monsters and those who wielded this mysterious power were called “HeroZ.” Some toys gained power without being corrupted by evil magic and they were called “ToyZ.”

Embark on an adventure to save the world of HeroZ and ToyZ.

Game Introduction

Easy AFK Growth
Even if you lose in battle, you won’t lose anything. Enjoy developing your characters at ease. You can receive all the materials used to enhance equipment. It’s easy to switch to better equipment.

HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

Fun Collection of HeroZ & ToyZ
Collect and equip various HeroZ and ToyZ. You can strengthen your skills and receive buffs through ToyZ.

HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

Field Boss
Field bosses appear periodically in the dungeons. Don’t miss out on these event bosses, as they offer great rewards. When you discover a field boss, you can summon other players.

HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

Party Play Dungeon
You can enjoy the game with your friends or recruit a party on the spot and explore the party dungeon. Conquer the party dungeon and aim for great rewards.

Official website

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HeroZ & ToyZ : Meta Toy City

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