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Island Clash – Idle Wars – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Island Clash – Idle Wars (by Chuchu Game)

Welcome to Island Clash: Conquer all islands, become the sea lord.

Island Clash is a captivating idle card game that immerses you in a mysterious and diverse island world. In this game, you will explore the entire sea, discovering islands ruled by different races, including humans, mermen, and goblins. Your goal is to rule the entire sea, capturing every island and becoming the master of the sea.

Game Features:
– Idle Gameplay: Whether online or not, you’ll earn coins and resources, just set your strategy, and the game will keep running.

Island Clash - Idle Wars

– Card Collection: Collect various cards, including mermen, goblins, and other races, each card having unique skills and attributes. Build powerful card teams.

Island Clash - Idle Wars

– Island Conquest: Will you conquer through battle or purchase with gold? Which island suits which hero? Each island provides unique resources and strategic advantages. Become the ruler of the islands and establish your empire.

Island Clash - Idle Wars

– Arena Duels: In the arena, use your cards to build different teams and compete with other players, striving for glory and rewards.

Island Clash - Idle Wars

⠀Island Clash will test your strategic decisions and leadership skills, offering a rich gaming experience as you explore different seas and interact with various races. Are you ready to embark on your conquest journey and become the sea lord? Join the game now and embark on your adventure!

Island Clash - Idle Wars

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