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Leap Over the Rainbow

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 飛躍虹鏡-3D竪屏爆燃動作ARPG (by 香港昆磐文娛有限公司)

Colorful rainbow mirror world
In “Leap Over the Rainbow”, players will wander in a world under a rainbow mirror.
The main stage of the story takes place in Gavian, a fashionable city.
Desire and price are interdependent, and spiritual energy and reality collide.
What kind of chemical reaction will occur?


Play as the director of the Institute of Psychiatry
You will play the role of the director of the “Psychic Research Institute”. As a leader, you will stand up and
Face the sudden rainbow eclipse phenomenon.


Diverse Psykers
All kinds of people, inspired by the rainbow world, transformed into powerful psykers.
They may have been researchers who dared to explore, prosecutors who were all-powerful, peace officers who served the people, students who were ambitious…
But at this moment, they will all become your help and your most loyal partners.
They will all respond to your footsteps and fight side by side with you to safeguard love and justice in the world.


Featured and unique combat experience
You will be the key figure to shatter the illusory mirror,
As you go deeper, you will gradually step through the rainbow mirror,
Uncover the true face of the Hongjing world in person.
A fierce battle is about to break out!
And you only need to move your fingers to easily get rid of the troubles here.
Gorgeous skill combos and cool ultimate secrets explode at your fingertips.


Your choice determines your destiny
Every choice you make will affect the direction of the story.
To become a guardian and maintain the stability and order of the world?
Or explore the ultimate power of rainbow eclipse and lead mankind to a new realm?
All this will depend on your decision and wisdom.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO


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