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Magic Empire

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic Empire (by Eragame)

“Magic Empire” is a business simulation game. The story occurs in an alternate world where various legends and stories coexist. This world is about to encounter catastrophe, but the prophet predicted that the only hope is the reborn king from the ruins, who will lead everyone to a bright future.
No one knows that when the prophecy was born, you became the designated heir of a country on the verge of bankruptcy. The previous king entrusted the country and its people to you when he passed away. You need to rebuild the industry and recruit talents, Meet partners, and lead your people to escape the fate of subjugation.
The butterfly’s wings are flapping quietly, and the dead phoenix has been reborn. It will bring the power of rebirth to the world when the terrifying storm comes in the future…

Magic Empire

Unique exaggerated magical painting style
The characters, buildings, and even icons in the game are drawn in an exaggerated and magical style, bringing players a more novel and dreamy visual experience

Magic Empire

Multiple ways to play, no repeat every day
In this world, players can build industries, train subordinates, and make friends… There are also a variety of scenes gameplays and event gameplays for you to choose from. For leisure and relaxation, there is always something suitable for you.

Magic Empire

An alternate world where various legends and stories coexist
This world is a world where countless myths, legends, and fairy tale systems coexist. All kinds of familiar characters have similar but different fate trajectories in this world. Under the coercion of fate, walk towards the established ending… But, as the destined savior, this world will be affected by you, do you want to change your own and their’ destiny? Come on!

Available: Google Play – US, CA

Magic Empire
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