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Rockman X DiVE (JP)

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The description of Rockman X DiVE

Completely reproduce the action of the series
Completely reproduce the familiar actions in the “Rockman X” series such as dash, jump, buster, saver!
In addition to this work’s original 360-degree shooting, it also has an auto lock-on!
You can customize the size and position of the buttons to suit your playing style!

“Rockman X” series characters appear one after another
All the illustrations and 3D models of this work are newly created!
The characters in your memory have a completely new look!

ロックマンX DiVE

Weapons and armor
Weapons can be freely combined with any character, and can be strengthened up to the player level!
If you rank up, your skills will be released and you will be able to strengthen your skills!
Equipped with armor increases parameters such as defense and life!
The upper limit of the level of armor that can be equipped according to the player level has been raised, and stronger equipment can be obtained.

ロックマンX DiVE

Battle mode
A mode in which you can play against other players in real time and earn rewards according to the number of wins.
The ranking battle is held for a certain period of time, and it is a three-character, one-team system where you play against other players in real time.
Ranking ranking is decided according to the ranking points that can be obtained when you win!
Let’s improve our skills for ranking battles in practice battles and simulated battles!

ロックマンX DiVE

A stage where two players can play together with other players.
You can mainly get armor, and you can challenge high difficulty stages according to the player level!
Let’s capture various difficult stages with your friends!

ロックマンX DiVE
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