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Slash Quest!

💡 Platform – Android | Steam | iOS | PC

The description of Slash Quest! (by Big Green Pillow)

The Queen’s evergrowing talking sword is lost in a faraway land. Luckily you showed up to wield it back to the castle. You do know how to swing a sword, right? Right?!

Forget your power fantasy. Slash Quest’s simple yet unfamiliar controls will put you in the shoes of an unlikely knight with a big heart, an even bigger weapon, and absolutely zero skills. But worry not! Just like Shep and Swordie’s friendship, before you know it everything will feel right and everyone will be counting on you to save the Queendom.

Slash Quest!
Slash Quest!
Slash Quest!
Slash Quest!

– Unique growing sword mechanic!
– Customizable Controls
– 12 Unique Levels
– Unique Boss Fights
– 8 Lovely Characters and story
– Dozens of side quests and challenges
– 12 upgradable skills to customize your gameplay experience
– 20+ Collectable Cosmetic items
– Engaging Mini Games and Game Center Leaderboards Integration
– Original soundtrack by Breakmaster Cylinder

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Slash Quest!

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