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Star Havoc

Early access – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Star Havoc (by Bai SOBO)

An unprecedented disaster has annihilated the habitable lands for humanity. As a member of the Anti-Intelligence Special Forces, you bear the responsibility of leading the surviving humans to the distant planets to find salvation. Survive the Star Havoc by battling intelligent machines and insect races on different planets! Gear up!

STAR HAVOC is a bullet-hell shooter game featuring dungeon exploration, monster hunting, and treasures discovery. With a unique punk-inspired background and distinctive art style, this cyberpunk shooting game is full of the perfect combination of futuristic technology and retro elements.
In the game, players will collect a variety of guns, control heroes with diverse abilities, and utilize high-tech weapons to eliminate enemies that obstructing their path. Meanwhile, they can use randomly acquired equipment to construct diverse builds.

Weapon collection

There’s a variety of powerful weapons in the game. The Steam-powered machine gun’s powerful firepower will clear the obstacles in your path. The critical attack of Close-range shotgun leaves your opponents defenseless. These unique weapons will bring you unprecedented combat excitement.

Star Havoc

Abundant Perks
Complete daily missions to gain resources, lots of rewards are waiting for you. Challenge the limit and win big prizes in Endless amazing event. Lots of free gear draws and legendary Main Weapon up for grabs!

Star Havoc

Hack and Slash
The real treasure-hunting experience brings you the feeling of unlimited killing. The various dungeons allow you to enjoy the feeling of killing bosses in different maps, and various weapons can be combined to satisfy your desires for pushover maps and quick screen clearing.

Star Havoc

Empower Heroes
The skill tree allows every hero to have more possibilities. Physical or magic? Skill bombardment or applied buff/debuff?Or you want them all?
Main weapon, off-hand weapon, helmet, ring, glove… STAR HAVOC allows players to be fully armed from head to toe. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations, some seemingly unremarkable equipment combinations may produce unexpected results.

Star Havoc

Explore & Loot
There are several different styles and terrains maps in the game that can be explored and looted, with tons of buffs and weapons randomly dropped. There are endless challenges waiting for you in the single-player dungeon! Random birthpoints! Random maps! Random monsters! Resources and equipment are never lacking!

Star Havoc

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