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The Great 0516

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 了不起的0516 (by QCPLAY Co., Ltd.)

“The Great 0516” is an adventure action shooting RPG game. The story adopts a future science fiction worldview. In this open world, players play the role of a small robot with amnesia, searching for their own life experience in this desolate continent. In this open world, there are unknown dangers and surprises everywhere. On the way of exploration, you will also encounter a variety of companions with different personalities and strange abilities. With the help of these interesting companions, you will finally complete the story of self-salvation. .

Game features
1. Adventure RPG, huge city map
It allows you to travel through different cities on adventures and interact with different NPCs to trigger exciting plots.


2. DIY Team Matching
You can create your own DIY team based on the battles on the field, and you can also freely modify the robots for a new adventure experience.


3. Massive levels and challenging tasks
Freely challenge various tasks on the big map, defeat enemies and obtain a large number of props to improve your combat effectiveness.


4. Q version of cute characters & weapons
Rich character system and weapon system, enjoy a lot of combat challenges.

Available: Google Play – SG


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