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The last Wizard

Official Launch – SEA – A number of countries + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: English

The description of 最後一個魔法師 (by Spark X Games)

The first immersive 3D magic world Roguelike game is here!

The magic of the Magic Continent is gradually disappearing, and the magicians who once symbolized honor and dignity are about to die. When people gradually forget the strong men who rule the world, your appearance breaks the darkness. As the last magician in the world, with the mission of bringing light back to the world, you once again opened the door to the magical world and embarked on this endless dark adventure!


Real 3D lawn mowing
Immersive 3D exciting lawn mowing, ultimate impact effect


Instant kill skills
Unlimited Rogue skill stacking to unlock hidden one-click kill combos


Leisure and stress relief
You can easily pass the levels with one-handed operation, and rich idle rewards make mowing more stress-free.


DIY Mage
With ultra-high degree of freedom in characters and equipment, you can easily create the strongest mage.

Fantasy adventure
3D magic world adventure, multiple harvesting difficulty options

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, SG, MY, etc…


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