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Tower of Gray

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of タワー オブ グレイ (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

To a fleeting yet beautiful gray world.
We just want to see blue skies.
An apocalypse simulation RPG with stunning artwork and charming characters.
Together with the artificial weapon “Regainer” and the innocent life form “Minion,” they fight off the approaching disaster and take on the challenge of traversing the “Tower of Ashes” that towers high in the sky.

タワー オブ グレイ

Hundreds of years ago, a huge tower came down.
Ash falls from the tower, turning the world gray.
The poisonous ash gradually eroded the human body, and humanity died out one after another, and humanity was overrun by “ash monsters” that appeared one after another from the tower.
Humanity was once defeated by these “ash disasters”.

タワー オブ グレイ

But humanity did not give up.
He succeeded in creating the artificial weapon “Regainer” and the innocent life form “Minion” using the energy body “Tensou Stone”.
It may be possible to bring back this world, which has once come to an end, back into the hands of humanity.
With that hope in their hearts, humanity continues to resist the tower of ash and the disaster.
Dreaming of blue skies.

タワー オブ グレイ

・Easy to use yet strategic real-time battles
・A gray world presented with spectacular artwork
・“Idle system” that allows you to become stronger even if you haven’t started the game
・Strengthen the miniature garden and expand humanity’s survival range
・Proceed through the game to unlock content
– Deep reinforcement system for attractive characters
・Join a guild and defeat powerful monsters on a vast map

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

タワー オブ グレイ

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