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Unreal City

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 언리얼시티 with SIA (by PangSky)

Unreal City Game Introduction

Infinite possibilities and benefits
You can receive generous benefits through various activities such as quests, boss raids, and events, as well as official cafes and competitions.
Freely explore the huge city with endless rewards and experience new fun like never before!

언리얼시티 with SIA

Brilliant sparkling action
Slay monsters with super-level skills in a street filled with advanced neon lights and shadows!
Purify the city and restore its beautiful old scenery with an exhilarating touch that you can’t find anywhere else!

언리얼시티 with SIA

Go beyond the limits of styling
You can decorate not only your character and weapons, but even mercenary mounts and wing artifacts with spectacular transformations.
Create your own unique character in a different world with your own styling and various transformations.

언리얼시티 with SIA

Market economy system
Item value is determined through a market economic system based on price competition and changes in item supply and demand.
Register items obtained through adventures on the exchange or acquire goods through trading with other players.

언리얼시티 with SIA
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