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Yokai Lumberjack

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라 (by BLANCOZONE NETWORK KOREA)

Hey… did you see Master Samjang and his group on the way to Seocheon?
You didn’t see it? Well then! Everyone is cutting down trees right now. Rare equipment falling from trees?

Automatic tree cutting! Just by turning it on, your combat power increases!
You become stronger just by breathing.
I accidentally clicked on the auto hunt a few times and became the best monster in the world.
A person with fraudulent ‘tree chopping’ skills whose value of effort has become a joke.
That’s me!!

요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라

My own training strategy! Win with strategic settings!
One day, I became the strongest in the monster world.
I’m not good at fighting. Jjolttagu is good at it.
The strategy is to gather subordinates who will fight on your behalf!
Become the strongest one who reigns over powerful monsters!

요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라

Various content! Speed ​​up time with just one touch!
At first, I started with a light heart, but I didn’t know it at the time.
I never thought I would forget about going to work and play games…
Once you get into it, you can’t get out!
Come to the world of logging filled with various contents~

요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라

Yours is mine, mine is mine! Sweep up resources with your friends!
The enemy over there said. “Have you seen where my wallet is?”
Money, resources and treasure are gone? Hehehe! Maybe it’s in my bag!
Write down the history of theft with your best friend Mouse!

요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라

Best training benefits ever! From consumables to limited images!
Sleep! Attention everyone! With this benefit, you can become invincible without having to pay!
From consumables to limited images! The opportunity to become a ranker and make a fuss is right in front of you!
If you participate in the attendance event after the game is released, you will receive the Korean server-exclusive image ‘Jinggu’ for free!

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

요괴 벌목꾼: 영차영차, 보물이야 떨어져라

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