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Zeedz – NFT – Android

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – iOS | Android

The description of Zeedz (by Zeedz GmbH)

Let’s grow the future!

Play the game everybody’s talking about!

ZEEDZ -Let’s grow the future!

Zeedz is the first Play-for-Purpose game. Collect & grow magical Zeedles and lead them into battle against the Evil Lord CO the 2nd!  Fight against extreme weather events in real time, learn mind-blowing facts about our planet and impact real-world climate change!

Zeedz - NFT


– GET A FREE ZEED: Select a Zeed (Windy, Rainy or Sunny) to kick off your adventure!

– LEVEL-UP & EVOLVE: Grow your Zeed and evolve it into a mighty Zeedle!

– COLLECT 140+ UNIQUE ZEEDLES: Discover new Pack Drops every week and add new rare Zeedles to your team.

Zeedz - NFT

– PLANT: Plant your Zeedles in real-world locations where they earn weather resources according to the live weather!

– FIGHT: Tank, Healer, Buffer… which of your Zeedles are you leading into battle? Build your team and fight the Evil Lord CO the 2nd and his armies at the Dark Tower.

Zeedz - NFT

– EARN: Earn valuable weather resources, Bloomz and Fruiz to unlock epic characters and items.

– LEARN: Find enchanted Gemz all over the world that hold secret knowledge about our planet.

– SKILL: Allrounder or a specialist? Skill your Zeedles however you prefer!

– BOND: Pet your Zeedles every day to build up friendship and unlock new features.

We’re taking a significant share of everything we earn as a company and use this money to fund green projects all around the globe, in close collaboration with our official sustainability partner The Gold

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