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AutoX Drift Racing 3

💡 Platform – Android

The description of AutoX Drift Racing 3 (by Filaret)


Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride? AutoX Drift Racing offers a unique driving experience with sports cars, featuring intuitive controls. If you’re into sideways action, get ready to dive into this game and have a blast. Engage the handbrake to initiate thrilling skids, leaving asphalt trails as you burn rubber. Thick clouds of smoke will cloak the road, adding to the excitement.

AutoX Drift Racing 3

Experience the most realistic mobile racing game ever created. Feel the power of sports cars as they handle realistically on various surfaces like asphalt, sand, and grass. Race on meticulously detailed tracks, and customize controls to suit your style. Each car offers four settings: Stock, Turbo, Racing, and Drift. Enjoy live cameras and replays, perfect for sharing your epic moments on YouTube.

Embark on a single-player journey, winning cups and earning coins to unlock six sports cars and a new track. Challenge yourself with ghost mode, competing against your own best times.

AutoX Drift Racing 3

Welcome to Police Car Chase: Racing Games, where you’ll experience the life of a police officer in an engaging Police Department adventure. Catch criminals, prevent accidents, patrol traffic, and upgrade your SUV to enhance your crime-fighting abilities. Aim to become the city’s top cop by eliminating crime.

Join the police force and master professional driving with Highway Police Car Games! Take the wheel of a fast vehicle and learn the ropes of police work. Employ unique tactics and strategies to complete missions successfully. Navigate through thrilling challenges, mastering driving skills in hazardous situations and cleverly chasing criminals. Show off your extreme drifting skills as you complete quests, lower crime rates, and apprehend criminals in various locations.

AutoX Drift Racing 3

At the police cars racing school, choose from a variety of vehicles for criminal chases, each with its own characteristics and style. Whether it’s fast sports cars, rugged SUVs, or armored vans, each vehicle can be customized to your preference. Tune your ride with different colors, engine enhancements, suspension adjustments, and visual upgrades for a truly unique gaming experience.

Get ready for action-packed adventures on the streets and highways as you take on the role of a police officer. Are you up for the challenge?


We would like to point out that the game is in a preliminary state and will be updated very often, and we will be very grateful if you write how we can improve the game.

AutoX Drift Racing 3

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