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Bloody West: Santa Fe

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Bloody West: Santa Fe (by SEAL.GAMES)

Dive into the heart of the Wild West: Dust clouds swirl, sun-kissed spurs glinting, and twelve brave souls square off under the scorching midday sun. Silence hangs heavy until the crack of gunfire shatters the stillness, igniting a deadly showdown outside the saloon.

In the aftermath, six men lay strewn across the New Mexico dust. With your steady hand and loyal deputies, the town stands saved from the clutches of bandits.

Forge your destiny as the town’s founder in the untamed Wild West. Rise as a prosperous trader, vanquish the notorious Wild Bunch Gang and hunt them from your lands, and expand your dominion armed with nothing but a Colt and your wits. Employ cunning tactics and strategic prowess to carve your path to victory amidst rival players.


The Saga Unfolds:
“In the wake of the Civil War, adrift and haunted by battle scars, I roamed aimlessly until fate led me to stumble upon the ghostly remnants of a forgotten town in the heart of New Mexico. With the help of my old comrade, John Galveston, we resurrected the dilapidated saloon. Now, this town is my sanctuary, my kingdom. Here, I am the law, and any who dare challenge my authority shall find themselves six feet under.”


Your Mission:
Seated at the helm of this frontier outpost, every dollar that flows through the town lines your pockets. Ensure your Sheriff and his posse safeguard your interests at all costs. Recruit sharpshooters to enforce your supremacy across New Mexico’s rugged terrain. Delve into gold mines, trade in cattle, and expand your influence without yielding to opposition.


Unite with kindred spirits to form a legendary gang that strikes fear beyond county lines. Let the tales of Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Wyatt Earp pale in comparison to your indomitable pursuit of power.


The Quest:
Embark on “Bloody West: Santa Fe,” a strategic voyage demanding wit, cunning, and skill. Revel in a myriad of features, including:
• Assume the mantle of a gunslinger and forge your own gang.
• Engage in fierce duels along dusty trails and become a force to be reckoned with.
• Mount your steed and conquer the sprawling expanse of the Wild West.
• Govern your town with an iron fist, amassing wealth through development and trade.
• Purge the land of banditry to ascend as the West’s premier trader.
• Defy convention and experiment with diverse strategies to seize victory.


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