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Lonesome Village

💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows, Linux, macOS

Android – expected

The description of Lonesome Village (by Ogre Pixel)

Lonesome Village is a cozy, quiet town struggling to rebuild after a strange calamity wiped out their homes.

Take the role of Wes, the coyote, and help bring this village back from the brink of destruction in a puzzle-filled life sim!

Lonesome Village
Lonesome Village
Lonesome Village
Lonesome Village
Lonesome Village

Game Features:

+ Gorgeous, inviting art style – Lonesome Village is the perfect place to rest up after a long day of adventuring.
+ Discover a detailed and fascinating world full of mystery and adventure.
+Solve mind-bending puzzles to gain entry to and make your way up a mysterious magic tower, one dungeon at a time.
+ Hang out and make friends with a variety of cute characters.
+ Save villagers from a perilous stay in the tower and help bring them back home to Lonesome!
+ Make Lonesome your home – earn land in the village and build and customize your house inside and out.
+ Help Lonesome grow by working in your garden and fishing in the nearby lakes.
+ Discover the gripping story of Lonesome’s origins and learn about Wes’s secret past.

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