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Evermoon MOBA – NFT

Early access – New Pre-Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(Testflight)

The description of Evermoon (by VIEW PASSION)

Evermoon Pre-Beta: Join the Gaming Evolution

Welcome to the Pre-Beta Phase of Evermoon!
Dive into the world of Evermoon, a Next-Gen MOBA game that blends classic 5v5, 3-lane battles with the Web3 innovation. In this Free-To-Play-And-Earn ecosystem, powered by DeFi E-Sports and innovative NFT solutions, we’re redefining gaming for a global audience. Join us on a journey where your gameplay shapes the future of this revolutionary platform.

Evermoon MOBA - NFT

Pre-Beta: A Glimpse into Evermoon’s Future
– Test, Explore, Influence: The Pre-Beta phase is a crucial part of our game’s development. Here, you get to test key features, explore our unique world, and provide feedback that directly impacts Evermoon’s evolution.
– Development Stage: Please note, this is a developmental phase; the app is not in its final form. Your feedback is essential to refine and enhance the game.

Evermoon MOBA - NFT

Pre-Beta Features:
– Solo Training Mode Camp: Tailored for all skill levels, with features like AI challenges, ‘God Mode’, ‘Dummy’ feature for strategy testing, dynamic jungle engagements, on-demand Minion summoning, ‘Unlimited Gold’, and more.
– 3-Lane MOBA Map Redesign: Discover the strategic depth of our redesigned map.
– Enhanced UI/UX: An intuitive and seamless gaming interface awaits.
– Rune Customization System: Personalize your gameplay with customizable character abilities.
– Your Feedback Matters: Report bugs, share experiences, and contribute to Evermoon’s development.

Evermoon MOBA - NFT

Your Role in Shaping Evermoon
– This is more than a test. As a Pre-Beta participant, you’re part of a community shaping the future of gaming.
– Look forward to our 5V5 PvP Battle Mode and other exciting updates in Q1 2024.

Evermoon MOBA - NFT

Join Us in the Evolution of Gaming
– Evermoon is not just a game; it’s an innovation in the gaming landscape. Be a part of this journey where gaming meets cutting-edge technology.

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Evermoon MOBA - NFT
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