Evermoon: NFT MOBA

Early access – Alpha Test – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(Testflight)

The description of Evermoon (by VIEW PASSION)

Disclaimer! Evermoon (Alpha Version Game) is in the development stage, but available for trial. There will be no DeFi features available in this version.

Evermoon is an Epic 5v5 MOBA three-lanes PVP game that offers a sustainable Free-To-Play and Play-And-Earn multiplayer economy with NFT features!

Key Features (To be fully available at Official Launch*)
– Skill-based NFT Game with Rich In-game Mechanics Integrating Advanced MOBA Framework that share Revenue back to and to engage non-stop
– Superior Triple-A Game Graphic Quality to ensure the best gaming experience
– Cross Game NFTs (CGNFTs) to increase values and utilities of NFTs
– Advance Token Use Cases & Mechanic, Deflationary economics, and Several Burning Mechanisms to ensure long-term economy of $EVM & $ES tokens and sustainable growth, with off-chain business model to generate operational incomes.
– E-sport Tournament Defi System
– No Barrier and Free of cost to Entry

Evermoon: NFT MOBA
Evermoon: NFT MOBA

Get Started (To be fully available at Official Launch*)
Form a team and select your hero!

– The characters we play are called heroes, which can be divided into 6 classes. Each of the classes will have different statuses such as HP, armor, attack power, mobility, and roles, which can be adjusted according to the skills that are suitable to the roles available for playing.
– The battlefield, called The Everfield, is divided into 4 lanes and 1 base for each side, each lane has its own role and duty.
– The In-Game Items are the weapons that players need to buy using gold (money in the game which can be obtained by clearing objectives such as defeating enemies, taking down creeps or destroying the enemy towers) to increase the hero statuses in the match. The In-game Items can be divided into 5 categories including Boots, Physical Damage, Magical Damage, Defense and Jungle. Each category will have a variety of items that give different statuses to the heroes.

Evermoon: NFT MOBA
Evermoon: NFT MOBA

For More Details:

Whitepaper : https://docs.evermoon.games/evermoon/
Website: https://evermoon.games
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bgT55nVEq9
Medium: https://medium.com/@evermoon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvermoonOfficialGameFi/

Available: Google Play – South East Asia

Evermoon: NFT MOBA

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