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Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG (LUNOSOFT INC)

The Valkyrie Faction, guardians of the “Wisdom of the Goddess” containing the providence of the universe!
Once every 10,000 years, the “Wisdom of the Goddess” returns to the Valkyries for the 100th phase transformation.
Codename Zeus, the Final AI, plunges the entire universe into uncontrollable chaos.
Collect the Keepers, strengthen them, and save the Universe!

A sci-fi idle RPG of a new kind!
Unique Keepers with powerful unique skills and a variety of exclusive equipment to upgrade them with!
Collect Keepers and protect the Multiverse from Codename Zeus!

Sci-fi Idle RPG
– An idle RPG where you can grow your characters anywhere, offline or online!
– Easy progression through auto-battles!

Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

Grow a storm of unique Keepers
– Collect a variety of unique Keepers of every faction!
– Various growth systems including weapons, armor, accessories, relics, levels, enhancements, promotions, and soul essence!
– Upgrade skills with exclusive equipment!
– Grow your Captain to increase the stats of your Keepers!

Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

Diverse content dripping in worldbuilding
– Various battles in mafia vaults, ruined strongholds, interdimensional spaces, valkyrie bunkers, and more!
– Differentiated traits based on faction and rank!
– Endless challenges! Infinite stage bosses!

Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

Experience battles filled with strategy utilizing various features
– Strengthen your Keepers by utilizing Captain skills!
– Formations utilizing Keeper effects!
– Achieve victory through strategic formations tailored to each opponent!


Protect the universe together
– Enjoy the game while communicating with other users through the chat function.

Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

Game Features
– A sci-fi idle RPG introducing a new paradigm to idle farming!
– Gift coupons with various benefits!

Idle Keeper : Universe AFK RPG

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