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Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax (by レンレン・エンターテインメント)

After a valiant deed leads to the end of your earthly journey, you find yourself in a realm of fantasy!
Amidst dragons, slimes, demons, and other diverse races, embark on a leisurely and captivating journey in Isekai Fantasy: Restart & Relax, where the simplicity of pastoral life meets the magic of another world.

Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

Hatch and Evolve Magical Monsters
Experience the joy of hatching and raising magical monsters, then combine them to create entirely new species! These loyal monsters will work tirelessly, contributing to your village’s growth at no cost!

Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

Meet Capable Companions
A nekomimi baker (“Nya~nya~”), a slime maid (“Master…”), a dragon NEET (“Me? NEET? How dare you!”)… Join hands with companions from all walks of life and various races to build your village for a better life!

Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

Embrace Destiny’s Encounters
An oni shrine maiden (“Thank you, my lord…”), a red-skin Demon (“You won’t be bored with me~”), a furry fox girl (“Let’s go picnic!”)… Relax with delightful partners by your side and immerse yourself in the serene joys of sweet pastoral life!

Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

Till the Land with Slimes and Construct a Diverse Array of Shops!
Clear lands, plant seeds, and watch your village flourish with the help of slimes! Inn, Restaurant, Smithy, Alchemy Lab… A shop for every need! Ensure every patron’s desire is met!

Create or Join the Guild with Like-Minded Adventurers
Unite with fellow adventurers to tackle challenging quests, reap the rewards, and revel in the glory of Isekai life.

Available: Google Play – US, CA

Isekai Fantasy:Restart & Relax

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