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Mecha Girls Survivor

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mecha Girls Survivor (by O2 Entertainment)

A shooting survival game where you command “Mecha Girl” to eliminate enemies.

A future Earth that has been invaded by a mysterious alien force.
They destroy everything in sight and only target human girls.
Faced with a survival crisis, humanity creates a general-purpose humanoid decisive battle weapon, “Mecha Girl.”
You are the captain of the Mecha Girl at the forefront of human survival.
While dealing with constantly attacking alien forces,
We must find out why they only hunt human girls.

Now, an epic journey across the universe begins.

Mecha Girls Survivor

Survival + shooting game meets!
The randomness of the survival genre and the thrill of a shooting game where you avoid bullets at the same time!
Attack the stage by considering the abilities, characteristics, and compatibility of the mecha girls!

Mecha Girls Survivor

Meeting attractive mecha girls!
Command mecha girls, each with their own unique charm!
The girls are looking forward to meeting the captain!

Mecha Girls Survivor

Various enemies and powerful giant bosses!
No more boring enemies that only grow in size and change color!
Test your limits with enemies and merciless giant bosses that vary depending on the map concept!

Mecha Girls Survivor

The captain’s unique equipment combination!
Combine over 70 types of equipment items to find the captain’s best combination!
If you wear the mecha girls’ exclusive equipment, you can even hear hidden lines!

Mecha Girls Survivor

Season ranking system introduced!
Compete with other captains using the mecha girl, skills, and equipment chosen by the captain!
This is your chance to rise to the top and prove that you are a true mecha girl commander!

Mecha Girls Survivor
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