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Pixel Alliance

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of 像素联盟 (by JYSGaming)

Hello brave. Welcome to the Pixel Alliance!
The Old World Continent is in danger! Please summon the heroes of the world to work together and fight bravely! Let’s save the world from darkness together!
Your pixel adventure starts now! Good luck!

Place it to easily increase your combat effectiveness
Busy warriors, you can breathe a sigh of relief now! The idle function allows your heroes to work tirelessly to collect treasures and experience for you even if you leave the game. When you return to the game, surprising progress and generous harvests will be waiting for you to check out. While enjoying the game, you will not miss every important moment in your life.

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Collect and form your strongest combat team
More than 20 unique pixel style heroes are waiting for your command. Through the game’s adventures and specific activities, you will have the opportunity to recruit these diverse heroes. Train them, tap their potential, and build your own dream team!

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The ultimate adventure of battle, strategy and combat
16 themed scenes, 70+ various monsters, 60 chapters, different enemies and level designs require you to constantly adjust your tactics and team configuration. Each hero has its own unique skills and attributes. Only by combining them appropriately and exerting the power of teamwork can we win in this challenging world.

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Casual, rich gameplay and not monotonous
In addition to intense battles, the game also contains a variety of casual gameplay. Whether it is mini-games such as 2048, match-3, and airplane battles, fun competitions such as catching mice, picking up things, and silver coins falling from the sky, or daily gameplay such as fishing and making food, they will bring more differences to your adventure journey. Fun of. In addition, the game also has team play and tower defense play. Here, every brave man can find his own game mode.

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Build, manage and upgrade your home
You are not only an adventurer but also a builder of your home. Start with a small camp and gradually build and upgrade facilities to create a home that both strengthens your heroes and reflects your personal style. Your territory is yours to rule!

Available: Google Play – KR, SG, MY

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