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Rogue Dungeon Walker

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ローグダンジョンウォーカーズ (by YohiyukiNakashima)

The world is exactly the “Great Adventure Age”!
Countless dungeons that suddenly appeared all over the world

Dropped by monsters in the dungeon,
In search of treasure, countless adventurers aimed to capture the dungeon

And time has passed xxxx years

Dungeon raiding had become a standard occupation on a par with civil servants.
And “Guilds” for the purpose of supporting adventurers sprung up.

What is a guild
By giving the guild 20% of the rewards adventurers get in the dungeon,
An organization that provides various types of support to adventurers.

And from now on, this game
“You” to play is a new guild,
Supporting adventurers as a guild master,
This is a story about aiming to become the No. 1 guild.

How to play

About the dungeon

“By clearing the dungeon,
“Even more difficult dungeons
“You will be able to challenge.”

 Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Devil/Demon Lord
are categorized by.


Recruiting and strengthening adventurers

“By using gem coins, adventurers can
“You can scout to the guild!”
By paying gold, scouted adventurers
“I will level up.”

Abundant equipment

“Equipment can be obtained in the following ways!”
Purchase at the shop
Monster drop
Generated in an alchemy pot
“Get powerful equipment and strengthen your adventurers!”


About attribute compatibility

“Each character and monster has
Attributes will be assigned.
There are 5 types of attributes: fire / water / grass / darkness / light!

“Look at the compatibility of attributes and form a party!”

Dungeon strategy
By forming a party of four,
“You can challenge the dungeon!”

“During the dungeon attack, move in basic auto,

“You”, the guild master, become an adventurer
“You can give instructions.”

 From the command button at the bottom of the screen,
“By clicking the action you support,
“I will do what the adventurer supports!”


Event content

The dungeon itself disappears after a certain period of time.
There are special dungeons.

Because it is a special dungeon for a limited time,
Let’s capture it within the period!

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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