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Fake Future

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Fake Future (by Yuzun Technology)

Mission initiated: The 7th Return to Earth. special time-limited bonus events: 110 DRAWS, one rare Cyberoid, cyberpunk decoration, music module and more! Rebuild the future with AI!

What happens when AI gains self-awareness and surpasses humanity?
What choices will humans make when faced with the appearance of a new energy “Icey”?
Countless complex clues point towards an unexplored “pixel” space – the [Fake Future].
The “future” it depicts is hazy yet mysterious, just like the desolation after the destruction of Earth, craving rebirth and exploration. Whether you’re a fan of cyber-pixel style or a sci-fi fanatic, you won’t want to miss this retro-futuristic pixel simulation game. Come and join us now!

Reboot the Earth, Build Your Society
Customize your earth headquarters on the wasteland with a spectrum of architectures and endless combinations!

Fake Future

Alien Invasion, Intertwined Riddles
A refreshing sci-fi narrative and cyberpunk landscape for you to explore! You will run into lots of events during your adventure on earth

Fake Future

Survival & Cooperated Growth of Humanity
You will meet visitors from all backgrounds. They could be delivery men, survivors, humanoids, or predators…

Fake Future

Scattered Ester Eggs, Awakened AI Consciousness
Assign your cyberoids for building, commerce, adventure, combat… they will prove themselves! Explore their past and find the truth of awareness.

Fake Future

Future Unfolding, Civilization Continuing
To the stars and beyond! Explore more planets in the universe and start your new life for the sake of the continuation of human civilization!

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Fake Future

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