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Dungeon Princess 3!

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dungeon Princess 3! (by Ssicosm)

There are five huge dungeons.
By an unknown force, only girls were allowed to enter the dungeons.
No one knows what lies at the end of the dungeons.

Dungeon Princess 3!

There were tons of treasures in the dungeons,
but because of the demons and other girls trying to loot the girls exploring the dungeons, it was
It was dangerous.

Dungeon Princess 3!
Dungeon Princess 3!

Nevertheless, the number of girls leaving for the dungeon grew,
and more and more girls began to go deeper and deeper.
People started calling them “dungeon princesses”.

Dungeon Princess 3!
Dungeon Princess 3!

“Dungeon Princess” is another name for girls who reach the deepest parts of the dungeon.

Make your girls “dungeon princesses.”

Dungeon Princess 3!

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